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DanAug´s Gallery

From $179

Purchasing, Shipping and Payment of any Artwork

Here you will find the information about how easyly you can buy from anywhere all the originals or HQ prints of this gallery. The procedure is simple and the artist guarantees maximum satisfaction. All our canvas are mounted on a 1" x 1" wooden frame. If you request a decorative frame, please contact our sales agent. Please read carefully the following steps or contact our exclusive sales agent: ......
1) How to buy online via PayPal or via a valid Credit Card
2) Alternative Payment Methods
3) Delivery
4) Return Policy
____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1) Buy online an original Dan Aug´s painting or a certified print via PayPal or Credit Card.
Select your desired painting. After clicking on the “buy now” bottom you will be conduced to the very safe (https) website of PayPal and there you will be prompted to complete your online transaction by using a valid credit card or using your own PayPal account. Then after receiving your order we contact you by e-mail to confirm the order and delivery details.
2)Alternative Payment Methods
You may order your desired painting by e-mail contacting us to: Then you may select the following payment methods:
a)Transferring money directly to our bank account
b)With Western Union or Money Gram
2.1 - Transferring money to our Bank account You may transfer money directly into our bank account. Please contact for further information: This is the fastest method of payment (3-4 days for the funds to be direct deposited into our bank account). Having your payment on our account, we deliver you the artwork to your home or business address. We keep your funds and do not release them until you receive the artwork and send us an e-mail message confirming that you are satisfied with the painting. Even if there is no confirmation from you we keep money until the inspection period expires.
Benefits of sending funds directly to our account:
a)You save charges.
b)The artwork is sent immediately after receiving the funds to our bank account.
2.2 - Pay with " Western Union " o " Money Gram "
If you choose this fast way for sending money, you should contact first our sales agent:, and immediately you will receive the details for the money transfer. Once you have deposited the amount, please mail confirming this or if you prefer you may phone directly to 096 23 1979 (if you are in Uruguay) or dial + 598 96 23 1979 if you live in another country.
3) Delivery
As soon as we or Pay Pal receive confirmation that payment has been received your painting will be delivered. We will email you a message confirming the delivery. We will pack your artwork for maximum safety in shipping and send it using the express servicemore suitable to your country. You receive the artwork, check its safety and then accept the transaction . After that the transaction is considered to be completed.
What is time of delivery?
The delivery time depends on the place of your residence and way of delivery. If using express services it usually takes not more than 7 business days from the day we receive your funds to either our bank account.
We treasure each artwork as we understand and do know how much energy and love we have put in it. That is why we do our best to provide the best protection for the artwork in shipment.
Have questions? Please send them to us:
4) Our Return Policy
If you are not completely satisfied with your painting, you may return it within 5 days after receiving. We keep your funds and do not release them until you receive the artwork and send us an e-mail message confirming that you are satisfied with the painting. Even if there is no confirmation letter from you we keep money until the inspection period expires ( 5 days after receiving date ).We will refund the full amount of your deposit (shipping costs are non-refundable). You must pay for return shipping and the artwork must be returned in perfect condition, in its original packaging, you must use the same postal express service.

Art by Dan Aug, XXI Century Art Painting
José Ellauri 1089 suite 402
Montevideo, 11300
Tel: 598 2 709 5606
Mobile: 598 97 32 7375
SKYPE: dan.aug23


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