1. Introduction
Daniel Augusto Chiesa, also known as Dan Aug, is a prominent contemporary visual artist. His style is framed in abstract expressionism, and in his most recent artworks he uses oil and regular and iridescent acrylics. In this analysis, we’ll explain the most outstanding characteristics of his art and we’ll peer into his inspiration in Astronomical Science and Cosmology. In addition, we’ll talk about of his Series "Dream of a Night in Giza" and the relationship with the civilization and mysticism of the Ancient Egypt.

1.1. Brief description of the artist Dan Aug:
Daniel Augusto Chiesa, known artistically as Dan Aug, is a Uruguayan contemporary visual artist from Italian origin. He developed the first part of his life in the fields of Science and Technology, passing through the University of Chemistry and Sciences (Physical-Mathematical areas) in Montevideo and developing his intense labour activity in these fields, in Uruguay and the USA. . In 2002 he awakened his dormant passion for Visual Art. He began an artistic activity as intense, dizzying, and prolific as successful, already achieving his First Prize in 2005 in an International Artistic Painting Competition organized by the European Space Agency. His style is based on abstract expressionism, using mixed techniques with oil and regular and iridescent acrylics and especially the collage technique of various materials. His artworks are characterized by the fusion of vibrant colors and the creation of abstract forms that express deep emotions and sensations, in most of his more than 150 works to up to date. Dan Aug finds his fundamental source of inspiration in Astrophysics, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, and Mysticism.

1.2. Inspiration in Astronomical Science and Cosmology
As mentioned above, Dan Aug finds inspiration in Astronomical Science and Cosmology to create his artworks. Through his art, he seeks to explore the wonders of the universe and convey the grandeur of the cosmos. He uses mathematical, mystical and astronomical elements and symbols to represent the vastness of space and capture the beauty of the stars and planets. His artworks becomes a bridge between Art and Science, fusing scientific knowledge with an artistic expression.

1.3. The Art Series "Dream of a Night in Giza" and its relationship with ancient Egypt - One of Dan Aug's most notable series is the first chronologically, called "Dream of a Night in Giza", which has a close relationship with the  Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Through this Series, the artist proposes a fantastic story set in ancient Egypt, where he combines mythological, mystical, and symbolic elements in a Science-Fiction framework. The artworks of this first series, almost figurative in nature, are characterized by portraying enigmatic scenes, with representations of events, pyramids and other architectural elements typical of Egyptian culture. Dan Aug thus seeks to transport the viewer to a world of mystery and spirituality through his “primitive figurative” creations as he defines himself and then, also venture to reach where he is most comfortable, in the “abstract expressionism.” Style. 

2. Abstract Expressionism style in the artworks of Dan Aug
The abstract expressionism style in Dan Aug's artworks is characterized by his free and emotional approach to painting. Dan Aug uses a combination of oil paint and regular and iridescent acrylics to create unique color and texture effects. His artworks are distinguished by energetic, gestural brushstrokes that convey a sense of movement and emotion. In his most recent artworks, Dan Aug has evolved towards a purer abstraction, moving away from figurative representation and exploring emotional expression through the use of color, shape and texture, primarily in his collages.
2.1. Use of oil and regular and iridescent acrylics
Dan Aug uses both oil paints and regular and iridescent acrylics in his works. Oil paint allows you to obtain greater texture, depth, and richness in colors, as well as greater durability of the paint. On the other hand, regular acrylics provide quick drying and allow for a smoother application of the paint. The use of iridescent acrylics adds a metallic effect of shine and luminosity to certain details of the artworks. This combination of media allows Dan Aug to create a variety of textures and visual effects, adding complexity and dynamism to his compositions.

2.2. Main characteristics of abstract expressionism in Dan Aug’s artwork.
The main characteristics of abstract expressionism in Dan Aug's artwork are emotional expressions, gestures and abstraction. Dan Aug seeks to transmit his own emotions and internal experiences through his art, using a gestural and free technique. His artworks are impulsive and full of dynamism, capturing the energy and emotionality of the creation process. Abstraction is another distinctive feature of his style, as it moves away from figurative representation to explore the viewer's personal interpretation and allow for greater freedom of expression.

2.3. Analysis of painting technique and application
In terms of paint technique and application, Dan Aug uses energetic, pigment-laden brushstrokes to achieve a textured and vibrant surface. His brush strokes and palette knife applications are broad and gestural, providing movement and expressiveness to his works. Dan Aug also uses paint layering techniques to create transparency and luminosity effects. This technique provides greater visual depth to his compositions. Additionally, Dan Aug experiments with different tools such as spatulas and palettes to add variety of textures and generate contrast in his paintings. His application of paint is dynamic and loaded with expression, which contributes to the strength and vitality present in his artworks.

3. Recurring themes in Dan Aug's most recent artworks
Dan Aug, in his most recent artworks from his Universe Series, has explored various recurring themes that characterize his style of abstract expressionism. One of the themes he addresses is fantasy and imagination, through which he creates extraordinary and surreal worlds. Using vibrant colors and abstract shapes, Dan Aug invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a realm of fiction and dreams. Furthermore, the artist has been deeply interested in astronomical and cosmic elements. Through his paintings, we can appreciate abstract representations of stars, planets and galaxies, if not also the incredible states of quantum reality, creating a sense of vastness and cosmic wonder. Finally, another recurring theme in Dan Aug's artworks is the influence of mysticism and the mysteries of ancient Egypt. In his series "Dream of a Night in Giza", the artist figuratively captures the fantastic history of ancient Egypt, drawing inspiration from the mysteries and spirituality of this ancient civilization.
In summary, recurring themes in Dan Aug's most recent works include:

3.1. Exploration of fantasy and imagination
3.2. Representation of astronomical, cosmic elements.
3.3. Influence of mysticism and the mysteries of ancient Egypt

4. Comparison with other contemporary artistic trends.
The style of abstract expressionism in Dan Aug's most recent artworks is characterized by its originality and its ability to transmit emotions and sensations through the combination of colors, shapes and textures. Although it shares some features with abstract art in general, such as freedom in representation and the absence of recognizable forms, his work stands out for its particular focus on emotional expression and experimentation with different painting techniques.
4.1. Relationship with abstract art and expressionism in general.
Dan Aug's style of abstract expressionism shows a clear influence of abstract art and expressionism in general. You can appreciate the spontaneity and gestures typical of these artistic currents in his loose and energetic brushstrokes, as well as in the way he uses color and texture to transmit emotions and subjective experiences. However, despite this influence, Dan Aug manages to imprint his own personal stamp through the combination of figurative and abstract elements in his artworks, creating a unique and distinctive style.
4.2. Differences and similarities with other contemporary artists.
Compared to other contemporary artists, Dan Aug stands out for his focus on the depiction of astronomical and cosmic elements, as well as his inspiration from astronomical science and cosmology. This recurring theme in his artworks gives him a particular identity and differentiates him from other artists who may address more diverse themes or have different influences. However, there are also similarities in the way some contemporary artists use abstract expressionism to express emotions and convey subjective experiences, although each with their own style and approach.
4.3. Impact and relevance of Dan Aug's style in the current artistic scene. - Dan Aug's style has had a significant impact on the current art scene. His artworks, loaded with emotions and symbolic meanings, have captured the attention of the public and specialized critics. His ability to combine figurative and abstract elements has allowed him to transcend the limits of a single artistic movement and generate his own visual language. Furthermore, his focus on astronomical science and cosmology brings a unique perspective to his artworks and makes him a relevant artist in the current context, where the intersection between art and science is increasingly valued.